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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Glass Light Box?

  • A light box is a glass brick that are predominately used within the building industry (you will see in showers, swimming pools etc).
  • The bricks are cleaned and then have a small 4mm hole drilled into the bottom.
  • The blocks are then cleaned again and left to dry before vinyl and ribbon is applied.
  • Lastly the lights are then threaded in through the hole in the bottom and taped underneath leaving the battery pack outside.
  • Glass Lightboxes are beautiful and decorative lights and ornaments but are not toys and are not suitable to be played with.

What size are they?

  • The square light boxes are  190mmx190mmx80mm
  • The oblong Light boxes are 190mmx90mmx80mm

How heavy are they?

  • The square light boxes weigh  2.22kg each
  • The oblong light boxes weigh 1.42kg each

Are they battery or mains?

Each Lightbox takes 3 x AA Batteries.  I supply every lightbox with batteries so you can test your order on receipt but do recommend removing the batteries included and replacing ASAP (you can add Duracell batteries to your order when placing online through my website).

What if I want to have different colour lights?

For most items, you can select from soft white, pink, subtle purple and blue lights. 

Are there any different options to having lights inside?

As an alternative to lights, you may choose to have feathers, petals or fake snow etc inside the Lightbox.  On ordering, if an alternative option is available you will be asked to select your preference.

What colour vinyl can I have on the front on the light box? 

There is a large range of colours available and shown on my website.

What colour ribbon can I have?

I am able to supply most colours but will substitute with the closest colour requested if I am unable to supply colour requested.  

What if I want a different style to what you have?

There is a custom made to order Lightbox option available both in the full size square Lightbox and the half size Oblong Lightbox.  Use this item to order a Custom Made to Order item. 

Can I have a photo on the Light Box?

I am able to offer 2 Photo options.  Either, an image can be placed on the front of the lightbox which means you see subtle light shining through the photo, or a photo can be placed behind the lights (so is viewable through the glass from the front).  See Photo Lightboxes in my Shop for samples.

Can I have a picture my child drew on the Light Box?

Yes I am able to trace a special or meaningful image like a child’s first drawing etc and cut this in vinyl to be used on a lightbox.  See Drawing Lightbox in my Shop for samples.

Can I have an image or wording on the reverse of a Lightbox?

For a small additional charge, an additional image or message can be added to the reverse of a lightbox (I do lots of “from xyz” type messages on the back from people buying lightboxes as presents. 

Is there anything I cannot have on my lightbox?

Unfortunately because of Copyright laws I am unable to offer any protected images such as Disney etc.

Can the Lights be replaced or swapped for alternative colours etc?

  • New lights are available to buy separately through my Shop.
  • To replace lights, firstly remove old ones by pulling them out through the hole.  Then gently unwind new lights, turn box on its side and carefully feed the lights through the hole.  To distribute lights evenly through the lightbox, grab the lightbox on both sides and shake


What happens if for any reason I am not happy with my purchase?

It is really important to me that I give first class customer service. I love my work and take pride in what I do.  If there is any problem, let me know asap and we will work together to resolve. 

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