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To help spread the cost of Birthdays or Christmas through the year, I am able to offer a payment plan on any order.

Payment plans work in 2 ways.  Either 1) you know what you want to order but want to pay for the items monthly (or whenever you have spare funds) or 2) you wish to "bank" money as and when you have money available and when you are ready to place your order, the money has already been paid to cover it.

1) If you know the items you want to order, please add them to your basket and checkout as normal selecting "Payment Plan" under payment options.  When you are ready to make payments against your order, select the "Payment Plan" item (link below) through my website shop and the total you wish to pay from the dropdown list and checkout as normal (making payment using Paypal or Debit / Credit Card).

 2) If you just wish to "Bank" money with Be Beau ready to pay for items later in the year, simply add "Payment Plan" item (link below) into your basket (again selecting the amount you wish to pay) and checkout as normal (making payment using Paypal or Debit / Credit Card).  Wwhen you are ready to place the order for the items wanted, select "Payment Plan" as payment type and I will allocate the previous paid funds against your order.

 Payment Plan item you need to select when making payments against a payment plan is the item showing on your left (picture of glass piggy bank)

Any quesions, please do not hestate to ask!

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