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Lightbox Care Guide

When I receive my light box what will I need to do?

  1. If the Lights have been packaged separately, uncoil the lights and gently thread them through the hole in the bottom of the lightbox.
  2. Fluff up the ribbon as it will be flat from being transported.
  3. Slide off the battery pack cover and correct one battery (it will be turned round the wrong way to prevent the lights coming on in transit).
  4. Take a picture to send to us so we can see our lovely makes in their new home

Although we include batteries so you can test your lightbox as soon as it is received, we do recommend replacing the batteries with a recognised brand to prevent any long term damage to the battery pack and to maximise light output.

Why is there water and/or condensation inside the Light block?

On occasions, when the glass blocks are transported, the difference in temperature (especially in colder months when parcels are left in a warehouse or courier van overnight) can cause condensation to be seen inside the glass block.  The condensation will evaporate naturally but if you wish to help quicken the process, you can remove the lights and rest the lightbox with the hole at the top on a warm surface.

On close inspection I can see a small glass plug in the bottom of the lightbox - why?

The glass blocks are washed and dried and then a small hole (approx. 4mm) is drilled in the bottom.  The blocks are then washed out again.  Sometimes the small glass plug (from where the hole is drilled) remains inside the glass box.  Once upright, the plug will sit on the bottom of the block unseen and will not affect use.


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